Vital Role of Education Foundation India

The literacy rate is really a major concern in India. Though if we look at the ratio of last few years, we can see that the India has managed to achieve the education ratio of more than 75%. And the most exciting thing is that there is a huge rise in women education rate over men. Education foundation India had played a vital role in the rising literacy rate. These foundations are non-profit organizations that are privately owned, controlled, and operated differently from the school districts, public institutions, or local governments.


For sure the rising literacy rate is great, but, still, there are some states in India that don’t send their girl child to school and even, on average, 1 out of 10 girls don’t even see their 15th birthday. Because they are killed before that. States have a low literacy rate because they have a few communities of orthodox people who don’t understand the importance of women education and how this will help their family and the country’s economy to grow. Education foundation India organizes various campaigns and interaction programs in such states to let them know that women education can be utilized as a weapon to contribute in the economic and social growth. With the rise in women education, the rising population rate can also be controlled. Thus, it is really important for the society of orthodox people to understand that the importance of women education should not be dominated by the men’s community. There is one thought which is widely believed in, i.e. when a boy goes to school, only he is being educated, but, when a girl goes to the school, the whole family is educated. Therefore, women education should be prioritized just as the man’s education.

Our society doesn’t understand that the life is so damn unpredictable. What if the husband or father dies even before establishing the life of his wife and child? What will they do to earn a living? The wife or mother will be forced to do work as a maid and send her child for labor work. Ahh. Child labor, one more concern that hinders the country’s social and economic growth. Education foundation India states that millions of children are working to contribute to their family income because there is no one to take responsibilities of their family. Sister, mother, and wife are uneducated, so they don’t get any job except as a maid. And what they earn from it, is not enough to run a family. Let’s have a look at the child labor statistics to have a clear understanding.

  • 19% of children work as a domestic helper,
  • 90% of the children in rural areas are working, and
  • 80% of the children are engaged in the agricultural work.

The Author is associated with the Akshara Foundation and has written many contents on education NGO’s in Bangalore, foundations in Bangalore and charities aid foundation India.


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