Foundations in India for Education Making Every Possible Effort to Spread Awareness

India has the second highest population in the World, followed by Chine being on the top. Despite the second highest population ranking, only one-third of the total population of India can read, and this is the major concern for the development of a country. India is lacking the basic sources of education including teacher-student ratio, insufficient supply of books, and inefficient public or government funds to conduct various education programs to spread awareness regarding the benefits of the improved literacy rate. Various foundations in India for education are making efforts to meet the toughest challenge to spread learning programs among the people. About 70% of the India’s population is within the rural areas and which seems to be a major challenge to run education programs out there. The rural population is so much into the farming and that is why they don’t send their children to the school or colleges. And even if some children attend the school or colleges, the management there is so poor that the students are not able to grasp the things.

education Foundation India

Foundations in India for education are devoted to increasing the education and literacy ratio in rural India that will help the children to realize their full potential. They conduct various programs to make people aware of the importance of education in one’s life. Also, they aware people about the gender equalities because in rural areas the girl’s education ratio is extremely poor and are not given the equal priority just like the opposite gender. The orthodox people want to send their son to the school but engage their daughter for household activities.

There are many challenges that the foundations in India for Education face including:

  • Poor staff and management – the teachers are not well literate and thus, fail to make use of various teaching techniques.
  • Poor infrastructure – the schools at the rural India has the poor infrastructure that the administration runs the combined classes.
  • Lack of sufficient study material – students don’t get good study material and thus, are forced to pass the same textbook to other students.

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