Mission and Undertakings of the Charities Aid Foundation India

Charitable activities are such a rewarding measure to raise the funds for the purpose of charity to advantage millions of lives, meet their living necessities, and help them to eliminate the social evils of the society. India is struggling with lots of social evils even today like child marriage, child labor, illiteracy, killing girl child, honor killing, financial crisis and the list goes on. Today, there are many charity foundations in India that are working towards the betterment of the society and to help people to cope with the financial crisis in the society by the fundraising activities. However, we all need to take the step forward for the valuable cause by donating some amount of our monthly income to help the people and get attain their blessings as the tremendous reward. For example, buying products or taking services from the companies that work as the charities aid foundation India and donate some percent of the income for the good cause of the society.


Also, there are some merchants that allow you to choose a cause from different purposes, which is for what cause they want to donate their fund. Yet one more approach that the merchants follow is to promote the product or service, of which the cost will be donated to a specific cause, and encourage the potential customers to make a purchase. For example, Procter and Gamble (P&G) company advertise the products and spread the message that whichever product of the P&G you buy, the company will donate the 2% of the cost for developing schools in the rural areas where there is no proper education system is facilitated. The same is followed by the Dabur Company to promote the education and provide books, uniform, and other necessities to the students. Such companies are looking forward as the charities aid foundation India to improve the economic development of the country.

The mission of the charities aid foundation India:

The fundamental aim or mission of these charity aid foundations is to encourage the society to participate more actively in helping the merchants to transform the lives and communities of the people living in India. They are devoted to help people by their business support for the cause they really care about and conduct the charitable campaigns to encourage people for participating in the charitable activities. However, they need financial support from the customers to succeed in their charitable mission. Surely, not everyone is a millionaire, but, certainly, they can give away just a few pennies.


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