What are NGO for Education in Bangalore Motivated for?


Education is vital for creating awareness and building knowledge, which in turn becomes the keys for reformation. In a country like India, education is a huge concern for many rural and some urban areas as well. Therefore, it is precise to believe that if we want our society to grow and modernize and reduce the backwardness among the social and economic classes, then we need to highly encourage the educational programs in India and to make education the prime priority for every citizen of the country. NGO for education in Bangalore has launched several initiatives realizing that education is a widespread solution that is crucial to enhance the standards of our society. However, the government has also started various educational programs but, due to lack of resources and untrained faculty, the quality of such educational programs was not much effective. One way to bridge the gap is to turn private investment into the education sector to make it possible for every single child to get enrolled to the good education system. Here, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can turn out to be the key element for improving the quality of education.

What does the NGO for education in Bangalore do?

Providing basic infrastructure – Most government schools in the country lack basic infrastructure and thus, students belonging to economically backward class struggles for getting the most basic amenities like furniture, proper light, uniform, library, playground, proper washrooms, etc. that discourage a child from going to school. Therefore, NGOs make sure that the students are getting basic amenities to encourage them for getting the education.

Passionate teachers – The second most prominent concern is the lack of educated teachers. Teachers are responsible for encouraging interest and enthusiasm that motivate the children towards the studies. Thus, the NGO for education in Bangalore recruits intelligent, skilled, motivated, and passionate graduates who are inspired for volunteering to teach academics in government schools. These graduates are assigned to different schools at different locations to empower students with the quality learning programs in every area.


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