Ngo for Education in Bangalore Empowering the Rights of a Girl Child

You will be shocked to know that even after more than 60 years of Independence, the country is still facing challenges with the gender equality and girl’s right to education. Not only in rural areas but, even in the urban areas (Yes, EVEN IN THE URBAN Areas), a girl child is not privileged with a right to education and are forced to indulge themselves in the household activities. Despite knowing the role and importance of the education, there are many families who don’t treat their daughter and son equally and also, don’t give equal rights. Thus, NGO for Education in Bangalore is taking a step ahead of undertaking the responsibility of empowering the girl’s right by organizing various awareness programs and campaigns to motivate and encourage people for gender equality.

NGO for Education in Bangalore

Education is a key to eliminating major concerns of the country such as poverty, gender inequality, crime, socio-religious barriers, and foster peace in the society. Even today, there are areas where the girls are married at their early age despite knowing the consequences of early marriage. They are treated as an expense in our social balance sheet, which is really a matter of shame for all of us because we all are a part of this society. However, over the last few years, some positive changes are witnessed in the society and the Government policies and various encouraging campaigns conducted by social activists and NGO for education in Bangalore should be credited for this positive change because they are putting every possible effort for eliminating the social and economic barriers through several educational programs and campaigns.

The NGO for education in Bangalore mentions the benefits of learning programs:

  • Elimination of various social evils like poverty, gender inequality, child labor, early marriages, etc.
  • Rise in economic and social development of the country
  • Improved upbringing of a child
  • Great financial stability of the families
  • Literate families. It is an English saying that “when a boy is educated, only he is educated. But, if a girl is educated, an entire family is educated”.

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