Underprivileged Children Organizations Working in a Positive Direction


Basically, a privilege is a right or advantage that people enjoy, but, there are some people who lack to enjoy such rights and advantages because either they are unaware of it or don’t have enough sources to meet those delights. Such people are known as underprivileged or some use the term as a synonym of what we call “poor”. We have come across many privileged people who are concerned regarding the children who are living in poverty unaware of their rights. But, being concerned is not enough to help such group of people. Instead, if one really wants to contribute, they can get associated with Underprivileged Children Organizations to help those children with their right to physical, emotional, and social development which can turn into low-self-esteem, depression, poverty, malnutrition, etc. if not served at the right time. However, poverty is the major cause of such plights.

How can the lives be improved?

Identify the causes – The first step that the Underprivileged Children Organizations follow is to identify the real causes because then only it can be tried to eliminate them. Therefore, the causes can be rapidly rising population, underutilized resources, low agricultural productivity, low rate of economic development, unemployment, rising dearness, shortage of income resources, and socio-political factors.

Spreading awareness – Most of the underprivileged group of people is unaware of their rights that are served by the Government to them. Therefore, the NGOs and Social welfare organizations conduct various programs to introduce those rights to the unaware people.

Employment and productivity – These two are among the major factors that keep a person away from his rights. Hence, by introducing several opportunities to improve the employment and productivity can actually result in improved quality of life.

“Each one should teach one” – In India, we can easily observe the inequality among the different class of family. However, the difference can be bridged if each person decides to serve education to atleast one child who is underprivileged.

Loan facility – Several Underprivileged Children Organizations provide loan facility to the dropout students so that funds can never be the reason to hinder their education.


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