Ngo for Education in Bangalore Empowering the Rights of a Girl Child

You will be shocked to know that even after more than 60 years of Independence, the country is still facing challenges with the gender equality and girl’s right to education. Not only in rural areas but, even in the urban areas (Yes, EVEN IN THE URBAN Areas), a girl child is not privileged with a right to education and are forced to indulge themselves in the household activities. Despite knowing the role and importance of the education, there are many families who don’t treat their daughter and son equally and also, don’t give equal rights. Thus, NGO for Education in Bangalore is taking a step ahead of undertaking the responsibility of empowering the girl’s right by organizing various awareness programs and campaigns to motivate and encourage people for gender equality.

NGO for Education in Bangalore

Education is a key to eliminating major concerns of the country such as poverty, gender inequality, crime, socio-religious barriers, and foster peace in the society. Even today, there are areas where the girls are married at their early age despite knowing the consequences of early marriage. They are treated as an expense in our social balance sheet, which is really a matter of shame for all of us because we all are a part of this society. However, over the last few years, some positive changes are witnessed in the society and the Government policies and various encouraging campaigns conducted by social activists and NGO for education in Bangalore should be credited for this positive change because they are putting every possible effort for eliminating the social and economic barriers through several educational programs and campaigns.

The NGO for education in Bangalore mentions the benefits of learning programs:

  • Elimination of various social evils like poverty, gender inequality, child labor, early marriages, etc.
  • Rise in economic and social development of the country
  • Improved upbringing of a child
  • Great financial stability of the families
  • Literate families. It is an English saying that “when a boy is educated, only he is educated. But, if a girl is educated, an entire family is educated”.

What are NGO for Education in Bangalore Motivated for?


Education is vital for creating awareness and building knowledge, which in turn becomes the keys for reformation. In a country like India, education is a huge concern for many rural and some urban areas as well. Therefore, it is precise to believe that if we want our society to grow and modernize and reduce the backwardness among the social and economic classes, then we need to highly encourage the educational programs in India and to make education the prime priority for every citizen of the country. NGO for education in Bangalore has launched several initiatives realizing that education is a widespread solution that is crucial to enhance the standards of our society. However, the government has also started various educational programs but, due to lack of resources and untrained faculty, the quality of such educational programs was not much effective. One way to bridge the gap is to turn private investment into the education sector to make it possible for every single child to get enrolled to the good education system. Here, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can turn out to be the key element for improving the quality of education.

What does the NGO for education in Bangalore do?

Providing basic infrastructure – Most government schools in the country lack basic infrastructure and thus, students belonging to economically backward class struggles for getting the most basic amenities like furniture, proper light, uniform, library, playground, proper washrooms, etc. that discourage a child from going to school. Therefore, NGOs make sure that the students are getting basic amenities to encourage them for getting the education.

Passionate teachers – The second most prominent concern is the lack of educated teachers. Teachers are responsible for encouraging interest and enthusiasm that motivate the children towards the studies. Thus, the NGO for education in Bangalore recruits intelligent, skilled, motivated, and passionate graduates who are inspired for volunteering to teach academics in government schools. These graduates are assigned to different schools at different locations to empower students with the quality learning programs in every area.

Mission and Undertakings of the Charities Aid Foundation India

Charitable activities are such a rewarding measure to raise the funds for the purpose of charity to advantage millions of lives, meet their living necessities, and help them to eliminate the social evils of the society. India is struggling with lots of social evils even today like child marriage, child labor, illiteracy, killing girl child, honor killing, financial crisis and the list goes on. Today, there are many charity foundations in India that are working towards the betterment of the society and to help people to cope with the financial crisis in the society by the fundraising activities. However, we all need to take the step forward for the valuable cause by donating some amount of our monthly income to help the people and get attain their blessings as the tremendous reward. For example, buying products or taking services from the companies that work as the charities aid foundation India and donate some percent of the income for the good cause of the society.


Also, there are some merchants that allow you to choose a cause from different purposes, which is for what cause they want to donate their fund. Yet one more approach that the merchants follow is to promote the product or service, of which the cost will be donated to a specific cause, and encourage the potential customers to make a purchase. For example, Procter and Gamble (P&G) company advertise the products and spread the message that whichever product of the P&G you buy, the company will donate the 2% of the cost for developing schools in the rural areas where there is no proper education system is facilitated. The same is followed by the Dabur Company to promote the education and provide books, uniform, and other necessities to the students. Such companies are looking forward as the charities aid foundation India to improve the economic development of the country.

The mission of the charities aid foundation India:

The fundamental aim or mission of these charity aid foundations is to encourage the society to participate more actively in helping the merchants to transform the lives and communities of the people living in India. They are devoted to help people by their business support for the cause they really care about and conduct the charitable campaigns to encourage people for participating in the charitable activities. However, they need financial support from the customers to succeed in their charitable mission. Surely, not everyone is a millionaire, but, certainly, they can give away just a few pennies.

Societal Development By Charitable Trust in Bangalore

Charitable trusts are usually formed to take charge in charitable activities and thus, are not as much involved in the commercial activities. A charitable trust might make profits on their trading activities but the earnings are widely used to meet their charitable commitments and therefore, the revenues are not distributed or shared between the members. A charitable trust in Bangalore is mainly dedicated to promoting society development by conducting various awareness and motivational programs. They are mainly focused in the areas of promoting education, gender equality, and relief of poverty.

charitable trust in Bangalore

In last few years, the charitable trust in Bangalore has gained huge popularity to provide a number of advantages in favor of the societal development. Establishing a charitable trust is not only in good favor of society, but, it also delivers double-sided advantages for its founders as they can enjoy prestige. The establishment of a charitable trust provides a double sided benefit for its founders. They can enjoy both the prestige and contentment of seeing the funds that they have struggled hard for and taxed their inventiveness to protect going towards establishing a charity trust that they care intensely about and where they can get and feel the direct result of their big-heartedness.

A charitable trust in Bangalore is dedicated to working in the direction of benefitting the society in one or other ways. There are many charitable trusts that work dedicatedly for aged people, sick and disabled population, local authority, promoting police, armed forces, and other professional services at the time of emergency, social improvement, encouraging sports, politics and political activity, and recreating advancements. Therefore, charitable trusts play a major role in eliminating poverty from the society by providing basic human needs of food, shelter, and clothing, encouraging gender equality, promoting educational programs, generating opportunities to increase employment, eliminating social evils from the society, and much more. The activities performed by the charitable trust are exceptional from the governmental taxes that encourage them to perform their job more enthusiastically.

Foundations in India for Education Making Every Possible Effort to Spread Awareness

India has the second highest population in the World, followed by Chine being on the top. Despite the second highest population ranking, only one-third of the total population of India can read, and this is the major concern for the development of a country. India is lacking the basic sources of education including teacher-student ratio, insufficient supply of books, and inefficient public or government funds to conduct various education programs to spread awareness regarding the benefits of the improved literacy rate. Various foundations in India for education are making efforts to meet the toughest challenge to spread learning programs among the people. About 70% of the India’s population is within the rural areas and which seems to be a major challenge to run education programs out there. The rural population is so much into the farming and that is why they don’t send their children to the school or colleges. And even if some children attend the school or colleges, the management there is so poor that the students are not able to grasp the things.

education Foundation India

Foundations in India for education are devoted to increasing the education and literacy ratio in rural India that will help the children to realize their full potential. They conduct various programs to make people aware of the importance of education in one’s life. Also, they aware people about the gender equalities because in rural areas the girl’s education ratio is extremely poor and are not given the equal priority just like the opposite gender. The orthodox people want to send their son to the school but engage their daughter for household activities.

There are many challenges that the foundations in India for Education face including:

  • Poor staff and management – the teachers are not well literate and thus, fail to make use of various teaching techniques.
  • Poor infrastructure – the schools at the rural India has the poor infrastructure that the administration runs the combined classes.
  • Lack of sufficient study material – students don’t get good study material and thus, are forced to pass the same textbook to other students.

Vital Role of Education Foundation India

The literacy rate is really a major concern in India. Though if we look at the ratio of last few years, we can see that the India has managed to achieve the education ratio of more than 75%. And the most exciting thing is that there is a huge rise in women education rate over men. Education foundation India had played a vital role in the rising literacy rate. These foundations are non-profit organizations that are privately owned, controlled, and operated differently from the school districts, public institutions, or local governments.


For sure the rising literacy rate is great, but, still, there are some states in India that don’t send their girl child to school and even, on average, 1 out of 10 girls don’t even see their 15th birthday. Because they are killed before that. States have a low literacy rate because they have a few communities of orthodox people who don’t understand the importance of women education and how this will help their family and the country’s economy to grow. Education foundation India organizes various campaigns and interaction programs in such states to let them know that women education can be utilized as a weapon to contribute in the economic and social growth. With the rise in women education, the rising population rate can also be controlled. Thus, it is really important for the society of orthodox people to understand that the importance of women education should not be dominated by the men’s community. There is one thought which is widely believed in, i.e. when a boy goes to school, only he is being educated, but, when a girl goes to the school, the whole family is educated. Therefore, women education should be prioritized just as the man’s education.

Our society doesn’t understand that the life is so damn unpredictable. What if the husband or father dies even before establishing the life of his wife and child? What will they do to earn a living? The wife or mother will be forced to do work as a maid and send her child for labor work. Ahh. Child labor, one more concern that hinders the country’s social and economic growth. Education foundation India states that millions of children are working to contribute to their family income because there is no one to take responsibilities of their family. Sister, mother, and wife are uneducated, so they don’t get any job except as a maid. And what they earn from it, is not enough to run a family. Let’s have a look at the child labor statistics to have a clear understanding.

  • 19% of children work as a domestic helper,
  • 90% of the children in rural areas are working, and
  • 80% of the children are engaged in the agricultural work.

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Dynamic Role of Charitable Trust in Bangalore to Eradicate Poverty

The purpose of a charitable trust is designed to improve, benefit, or uplift the society concern or issues to relief the social evils, improvement the legal system, and promote education, women rights, employment, and health care. While poverty is a major concern in a country like India, the charitable trust in Bangalore is working tremendously to eliminate this huge social evil as this is hindering in the overall growth of the country’s economy. People are struggling for the basic requirements of life – food, shelter, and clothing. However, India has experienced a rapid growth in the socio-economic sphere over last few decades that have brought the country out of the poverty, which has shot up the increased literacy rate and thus, people have got a better access to the education institutions. However, in terms of demography and area, some parts of the country are still struggling to meet the basic needs like education, shelter, health, food, and cloth. Though poverty is rather quite subjective, it can be largely defined as the failure to secure even the least requirements of life.

charitable trust in Bangalore

The origins of poverty in India run the inmost among the community of scheduled castes and tribes in the rural areas. Along with civic bodies and several government agencies, a charitable trust in Bangalore is playing a crucial role in cutting down the extent of the poverty in India. These charitable trusts engage themselves with the social communities and put efforts to aware people in the areas of disease control, sanitation, healthcare, education, poverty, and provide an emotional support to fix those issues.

A charitable trust in Bangalore is operating the activities among the neediest communities in the country that are aimed to empower the society, especially children that are the expected to bring the bright future for their community. Education is considered to be a great weapon to eradicate the poverty and empowers people to take a life changing decisions free from the shackles of the poverty. These trusts have taken the responsibility to promote the education to remove poverty from its root.