Educational NGO in India Key to Success for Unprivileged Children

Education is the key to success. It has gained much more importance than anything else. Education is significant because we will get to know about awareness of rights, our knowledge increases, realize ethics and morals, develop leadership qualities, confidence will be enhanced and many more.  We are standing in 21st century and even after that it is really sad fact that even in this highly advanced society, modern lifestyle and technology, still many children of our country are unable to get basic rights. As per the India constitution, education is the basic human right of every child in the country. Still millions of children are deprived of education and are forced to work in extreme situations of mills and industries.


Like all other human rights our constitution has provided to each and every person of our country, education is one of the basic rights of an individual. And it is important for each and every person of this country to get education no matter of what economic status he or she is in, gender or any religion they belong to. Being educated provides an individual with many benefits such as empowerment of individuals, freedom of expression, living a modern lifestyle and provides advantages in each and every sphere of life. Still, the factor that has marked our lives with worry is that instead of getting many benefits of education, still many children and adults are unable to get their basic opportunities to study. This is mostly happening in impoverished and weak parts of the country. Education foundation in India has helped in eliminating poverty.

NGO or Non Profit Organizations in India such as United Nations and UNESCO has worked towards forming legal policies and schemes so that each and every individual of India should get their basic right of education. Educational NGOs in India are legally set up to guide and provide pathway to every individual to receive access to education without gender or religion discrimination. In fact, education is the only tool that can help unprivileged children as well as adults to become socially and economically strong.


Charitable Trust in Bangalore Helping People for a Good Cause

What is a charitable trust?

A charitable trust is simply a trust that is run or governed by the government. It is created for the motive of some or the other charitable cause or purpose. A charitable trust is created by an individual who is known as a trustee. The property or assets which he owns for the benefit of the other person is known as the beneficiary. The person who is called as the trustee owns a duty to act in favor of the beneficiary with regard to the asset or property he owns.

Charitable Trust in Bangalore

Have you ever donated something to the poor and needy? If the answer is yes, then you would surely be sure of the joy one receives of donating something to the poor and needy. The main motive of the Charitable Trust or Charitable Organizations in Bangalore is to help each and every weaker sections of the society in every possible way they can. They usually divide their organization into various groups so that they can help them in every possible way and bring a smile on their face.

What is Charitable Trust in Bangalore working for?

Now, charitable trust in Bangalore is working towards helping people for a good cause. Charity is giving money, goods, clothes, or anything to those who are less fortunate than us. We can do charity or donate something with the help of a charitable trust in Bangalore. Most of the people in India give money or items to poor, needy, sick or disabled. There are many ways in which one can do charity and that includes giving them basic necessities of life like food, water, clothing, shelter or education. These can help them in staying alive and well. Helping people who are not really very well can also be done as an option of charity. You can visit their home on a regular basis, educate people who are unable to pay fees of the school, and many more activities can be done. You can also fund research for life taking diseases such as cancer, diabetes, brain tumor or other diseases. These can also be considered as charity.

Underprivileged Children Organizations Educating Millions of Children

It is estimated by the government and the civil society that daily thousands of children are unable to get their basic human rights such as shelter, food and clothes. This is not only happening in backward countries but also in developing countries. Government has made many schemes and policies that give us confirmation that they will protect the rights of the children. Still they are unable to fulfill their promises because they face many difficulties and obstacles in their way and therefore, many of them back out from their plan.

Underprivileged children organization

It was observed that still millions of children do not get education so that they can later on get a job and can live a happy life. But, they are forced and even humiliated to work for long hours under extreme perilous conditions. Children who work in mills or in industrial sectors live in inhuman conditions like slums and squatter camps without proper hygiene and sanitation facilities.

It is said that Children are the bright future of our country. And to make it more bright, it has become now more important to ensure their physical, emotional and mental well being. By this we can ensure a healthy development of the society in the future. Underprivileged children organization has begun to recognize these situations that are prevailing in many parts of the country and they are taking many initiatives to resolve the problem and work for the upliftment of the children. Underprivileged children organization has worked out on these problems and has tried many ways and means to create right and proper atmosphere for the children. They work for them so that they can live a better quality of life than they now live in.

Some people force the poor and needy children of our country to work in the conditions that are completely unfit for the humans. Underprivileged children organization has worked appreciatory over the last few years. They have understood the gravity of the situations of the children. If the children continue to work in these kinds of conditions, then one can even think of what will be our future of the country.

Top Foundations in India for Education


In the year 1947, India has already achieved its independence. And after the independence, it has adopted the constitution of Right to Education in Article 21A. But what is more depressing is that India is still struggling to give education to people and it still has a lagging literacy ratio of just 74 to 75%. In the 21st century, this literacy rate is a sign of great concern. You can find many parts in India where still many communities doesn’t even know how to put their signatures. However, the government is now taking efficient steps in increasing the literacy rate of India. And, it has achieved good results as compared to past years. You can also find many foundations in India for education that came with a purpose of providing education to people. Their main motive is to spread the awareness of education in backward classes of the society. They do so by making them aware about the importance of education in life through some programs, campaigns and social events. Both the government and foundation in India for education are working with the same motive, yet the way of their working is different. The foundation in India for education encourage and motivate the young people out there to join hands with them and spread the importance of being educated and what benefits it gives in our life.

Now you can see the benefits of education in the society:

  • As more and more people will take the initiative to get educated, it will increase the literacy rate. An increase in the literacy rate depicts the social and economic growth of the country.
  • The foundation in India for education work for making people understand the value of education and they make them understand about how they can generate more income just by being literate.
  • If majority of the population would be literate, then they would work hard and earn money. This will help the country in eliminating corruption.
  • If the people are educated enough, they would know the importance of gender equality. They would be against gender difference.

Kids Foundation Helping Poor Child in India

Our Indian society doesn’t even try to understand the situations or the challenges that a girl has to face during all her life. We can’t deny the fact that our life is so unpredictable. If it would have been predicted, then we would have started to earn more for a better life in future. But this can’t happen, right? What if the father or husband dies even before settling his wife or child in good situation? If this situation arises, then what will the family do to earn a living? The wife or mother of the children will be forced to work as a maid in some of the houses. She will be forced to send her children to step outside and earn a living for their family. And of course, no mother would ever like to send to their children to earn something and face the evil cruelties of life. Now, next major issue that the country is recently facing is child labor that is continuously hindering the country’s social and economic development.

Kids Foundation in India

According to the estimates of Kids Foundation in India, millions of children are working in mills, factories, as sweepers, rag pickers and many more only to support their family because there is not a single person out in the Indian society to support their family. The reason so as to why the ladies of the family do not get other jobs except as a maid because they are uneducated. From a job of a maid, they do not earn so much that can run a family in a much better way. Kids Foundation makes them understand that how can the education of a girl child be used as a powerful weapon in contributing towards the economic and social growth of the country.

Here are some of the statistics of the child labor from Kids Foundation in India:

  • 19 to 20% of the children work as a domestic helper.
  • 90% of the children are working in rural areas.
  • 80% of the children are engaged in the agricultural sector for earning a living for their family.

Role of Education Foundation in Improving literacy rate of India

One of the major concerns in India is the dropping rate of literacy level. But if we compare the literacy rate or ratio to the last few years, it has somehow managed to gain achievement in the literacy rate of 76%. And, one of the best thing that has ever been witnessed is that women education rate has increased more than men. And the credit for all this goes to Education Foundation India of increasing the literacy rate all over India. Education Foundations in India are nonprofit organizations that are privately owned, controlled, managed and operated by school districts, public institutions and local governments in India.


It is great that the literacy rate is increasing at a great speed but still we can’t ignore the fact that in some states of India, people do not send their girl child to school. Or even we can say that the girl child is not even allowed to see this world because they are killed even before that happens. The states who do not allow women of their state to study because they do not understand the importance of girl child education and they do not even know that how education will help their family and country to develop and progress.

Education Foundation India try their level best in organizing many campaigns, interaction sessions and programs in such states to let them understand the importance of girl child education. If the awareness is speeded in all the states of India, then the next major issue, that is, population can also be controlled. Therefore, it has become really very important for the people of such states to understand the importance of education in India. Hence, women education can never be dominated by the men’s community. One of the most popular sayings about girl child education is that “When a boy goes to the school, only he is being educated, but, when a girl goes to the school, whole family is being educated.” Therefore, people need to understand the importance of girl child education and it should never be kept below; in fact, it should be prioritized just as the man’s education.

Underprivileged Children Organizations of India

One of the popular and cutest phrases we have heard till date is that the children are a face of God with a golden heart and always an innocent smile wearing a face. We really believe in this saying and we also believe that these children are a gift of God but the question that arises is that do we really praise them? The children are considered as the bright citizens of our future coming generation. But main problem that most of the children are facing is that the condition in which they are living. Indeed, we consider them as the bright future of our country but not even 10% of the population doesn’t even bother about the health and sanitation of these children. It is estimated that majority of the population of children are suffering from health problems and because of poverty, they do not have proper place to live, healthy food to eat and money to buy or rent a house for them. In India, nearly thousands of children do not even get the basic needs such as proper amount of balanced diet, shelter, water, education and even proper health care. Therefore, they are encouraged to step into the dangerous and daunting concern of child labor and illegal activities like drug smuggling, working in factories and street begging.


But now, in this digital scenario, with the help of modern technology, more and more Underprivileged Children Organizations are reaching out to children who are in need through online ways and means and also to those people who are willing to donate funds or even materialistic things to poor and needy children. The Underprivileged Children Organizations helps to solve these ongoing struggles like poverty, disease and illiteracy that the poor children are facing at their tender age. They try their level best in helping these children who are a ray of hope for their future to be brighter much than they expected. Underprivileged Children Organizations reaches out to millions of homeless children who live in poor sanitation, whose medical care is not at all proper, whose nutrition is not proper and is malnourished, who are unable to study.

Educational NGO Serving the Indian Societies

In the year of 15th August 1947, India has achieved its independence and all the citizens of India have their full right to enjoy their independence in the way they want. In the fundamental constitution, it is given that every citizen on this earth has Right to Education in Article 21A. And now, even today, India is still striving for the education with a literacy rate of just 72% to 74%. This is a huge sign of concern. Even now in this 21st century, some states in India where the literacy level is still dropping, people don’t even know how to put their signatures of their own name. But despite of all this, still people don’t take initiative of educating themselves at an early age. However, over the past few years, the Government of India is now taking few necessary steps so as to increase the literacy rates of the country. If we compare it to last few years, it has now achieved good results. We can now find many Educational NGOs in India that are working day and night to provide education to illiterate community. They also make them aware of the benefits of being literate. The Educational NGOs in India are working with the help of the Government with the motive to spread the awareness of education in all parts of the country. The Government of India introduces new policies and procedures that are extremely beneficial for the people in the regions where literacy rate is extremely low. The Educational NGOs of India encourage young aspirants to help them in spreading the benefits of being educated.


The benefits of education are as follows:

  • If more and more people of the country will take initiative of being literate, then the literacy rate of the country will rise.
  • The Educational NGOs of India work towards making people educated and opening gate of opportunities.
  • They can earn more income and wealth as poverty and illiteracy go hand in hand and wealth and literacy go hand in hand.
  • If the people are well educated, they can easily understand the importance of gender equality.


Work Performed by Charitable Trust in Bangalore

A Charitable Trust in Bangalore is one of the best possible ways of serving poor people who are in need. A person who wants to donate something, whether it may be clothes, food or even money, then he or she transfers whatever he or she wants to donate to a set of trustees. The trustees of the Charitable Trust in Bangalore are in charge of all the activities, funds and other formalities. All the activities of the charitable trust have to been approved by the trustees. In return, the trustees appoint a few board members and a working committee who can help them in every possible way they want. All the activities that are performed by the Charitable Trusts in Bangalore are none other than less it is for a social cause and the people working in it, never focuses on their personal gains. They only work for needy and poor people in the world. These trusts might use some funds to start the business with the sole purpose of creating wealth in the name of the charitable trust which will only help the people in the society who are poor and needy.

charities aid foundation India

The main motive of the Charitable Organizations or Charitable Trust in Bangalore is that they can help weaker sections of the society in every way they can. They usually divide themselves into various groups. For example one of the groups might look into the matter of women issues such as dowry system, female feticide, domestic violence, child marriage, girl child education and many more. The other group would look on the problems based on child welfare. Whatever is the cause, the Charitable Trusts in Bangalore always works for the betterment of the society. The government always tries to help these trusts in various ways such as they offer special grants, tax deductions and also give special benefits to them. They help them in order to aid and help the quality of the trusts. The government also gives tax exemptions to individuals, companies or firms who wish to donate funds or other assets to such charitable trusts in Bangalore.

Work Done By an Education Foundation in India

It is said that ‘Education is the key to successes.’ The importance of education can only be understood when it is compared to the urban and rural areas. As we can see in the urban areas, people are more smart and independent and they feel themselves capable enough for making important decisions in life. They make decisions for the betterment of overall human development and also economical development. The possibilities of success rate increases through one’s learning capabilities and success can only be gained through education. Education is considered to be the means for the better living of one’s life. Education foundations and NGO’s in India are working towards the education for children so that they can live their life happily. They are working towards raising awareness between people to make them understand the importance of education in overall shaping of their lives.

education trust in Bangalore

It can be seen that, almost 65 years are passed after our country’s independence and still India is struggling with the low literacy ratio. And mostly it is seen in rural areas. And this is the only reason for why India is facing many problems such as poverty and backwardness. It is estimated that more than 65% of the total population still lives in rural areas and are mostly dependent on agriculture and animal raring for the means of livelihood. The role of education foundation and NGOs is as follows:

  • There are many children who are not able to go the school because there is no school near their houses. And in such cases, members of the NGOs or Education Foundation reach out to these children and give them education at home.
  • In rural areas, many families are not in a state to afford expenses of schooling and thus, they are not able to send them to school. In such cases, financial support is being provided by the education foundation and thus supports the family.
  • It can be seen that most girls are not able to attend school because of improper sanitation facilities. They take responsibility and provide proper sanitation to the schools.