NGO for Education in Bangalore – A Ray of Positive Hope

Education should be involved in the list of basic necessities of mankind, i.e. food, cloth, shelter, and sex because learning makes one learn about the values of life. But, it is really saddening that majority of the population remains illiterate due to different reasons such as the lack of proper awareness, inconvenience to scholastic organizations, lack of funds, and so on.

NGO for education in Bangalore

Everyone has their own share of a reason for not providing the right to education to their child. Therefore, NGO for education in Bangalore is working towards bridging all those gaps that are hindering the path of literacy. People should learn that learning opens up the doors of knowledge, skills, wealth, and a much-organized lifestyle. Higher the literacy rate, the higher will be the success ratio.

Education plays a major role in directing our lifestyle. No one wants to be poor and live in an improper environment, everyone wishes to live a healthy and luxurious life and anyone can make it come true as it is not something like snatching the stars from the sky. Of course, enrolling in a scholastic institution is the right of every citizen, but, unfortunately, a lot of them are still unaware of their literary rights. Therefore, NGO for education in Bangalore is working towards creating awareness and encouraging people to enroll their child in an academic institution to live a healthy life ahead. There is a common mentality among people that they are poor and thus, cannot afford the educational right. Instead, the fact is they are poor because they are keeping their child away from the academics.  Good education constructs a good future forever. It promotes confidence and makes one stand publicly and speaks out the words aloud.

NGO for education in Bangalore not just makes people aware, but, also removes a myth from their minds that being well-educated just means to earn more certificates, instead it all about gaining a better and healthy lifestyle. Moreover, it provides a solution for every sort of problem and encourages good habits in a person.

Education NGOs in Bangalore Accords Esteem To the Fundamental Rights

Akshara Foundation is one of the best Education NGOs in Bangalore which accords esteem to the fundamental rights, dignity, and worth of all children. We believe that children should be treated pityingly with lordliness, consideration and must be offered with the aid that will suitably meet their requirements, expectations and support them to develop their future talents.

NGO for Education in Bangalore

We focus on building strong keystone of hope for underprivileged l children, nurturing them for a brighter future for themselves and their communities. The Foundation also looks to build up an environment that meets children’s requirements in academics and other opportunities that nurture their ability, well-being, and development. We believe that this environment will blossom their personal wishes, passion and support them to endeavor for academic excellence.


  • Assure that pupil is able to complete a full course of primary school education in a decent and safe school environment
  • Assure school facilities are in place to ameliorate access to basic education and quality of learning.
  • Ameliorate the quality of teaching at primary and pre-school level.
  • Channelize the capacity of communities to manage their local academics systems and promote awareness of children’s rights.
  • To assure that the right to education for all children of school going age in underprivileged communities is not dangerous.
  • To build and assure a sustainable future for urban poor children by helping both girls and boys with academic inputs such as textbooks, exercise books, uniforms and other study materials.
  • Assure poor education and vocational training for children in underprivileged communities.
  • Ameliorate the quality of academics for children by restorative their learning environment.
  • To construct and renovate schools to accommodate children for life skills academics.


Mission of Education NGOs in Bangalore is to authorize underprivileged children in underserved communities by offering access to quality education, and to instill in them confidence and self-esteem to achieve better and brighter futures.


To reach out to underprivileged children through education so that they may grow up to become knowledgeable and active participants in the society because through education the deplorable cycle of poverty can be broken. Through education, children will acquire skills to become more productive members of the society.

Different Roles within the Charitable Trust in Bangalore

At some point in our lives, we all must have felt like contributing to the society’s betterment and growth, but, failed to do so because we don’t know the right place from where we can start our contribution.


So, here is the end of your search because the charitable trust in Bangalore is working right in the direction of social empowerment. Moreover, they have dedicated team members those work in both commercial and public sectors. Here are some of the sectors that make this charitable trustworthy of joining hands with.

  • Management:

Just like any other business sector, charities also require a proper management of the funds and other operations and thus, the team at a charitable trust in Bangalore is at its core. The operations are legally driven and are properly organized.

  • Human resource:

A well-organized human resource is a must for the successful operation of any given charity. The team should be well-trained for organizing and managing contractual arrangements.

  • Proper communication:

Of course, this is a must for any organization, yes, for the charitable organizations as well. As mentioned on the top, people remain unaware as for where they should contribute for the purpose of charity and thus, raising awareness through proper and effective communication is vital for serving any sort of charity. Communication can be done in a form of marketing that will represent the events of an organization and will attract fundraisers for conducting events on a large-scale basis or liaising with people who will going to make substantial donations.

At this point, social media can actually play a major role in directing charity through effective targeting of potential donors and contributing to fundraising campaigns.

  • Volunteer management:

A Charitable trust in Bangalore has a well-trained team of volunteer managers those are responsible for managing voluntarily network. They will invent, implement, and organize the awareness programs driven for upgrading the numbers of the volunteer. They work on both local and national level for driving a successful charitable strategy.

Underprivileged Children Organization: Education and Life Skills


Akshara Foundation’s approach to development is focused on improving the well-being of children, especially the most vulnerable. A commitment to sustainability is at the heart of all we do.


We help children, including the most vulnerable, access quality education and attain functional levels of literacy, numeracy, and essential life skills. When children can read, they can better advocate for their rights and help provide for their families.

Underprivileged Children Organization uses a lifecycle approach in our programs that focus on the needs of children at all stages of development: early childhood, basic education, and adolescence and youth.


We work with children, families, and communities so that:

  1. Children read, write and use numeracy skills.
  2. Children make good judgments, can protect themselves, manage their emotions and communicate ideas.
  3. Adolescents are ready for an economic opportunity.
  4. Children can access and complete education.


Underprivileged Children Organization works with parents, teachers, community members and local partners to ensure that:

  1. Teachers know how to make learning effective and fun.
  2. Parents are equipped to help their children learn in the home.
  3. Community volunteers are trained to host after-school activities.
  4. Whole communities get the opportunity to create learning materials for children that reflect their traditions, values, and language.


Akshara Foundation is committed to improving the health and nutrition of women and children in the areas in which it works, contributing to the global reduction of under-five and maternal mortality.

Good health is the foundation of a child’s life. Underprivileged Children Organization aims to ensure mothers and children are well nourished, protected from infection and disease, and have good access to essential health services.

Empowering children with good health, spiritual nurture, and basic literacy, numeracy and essential life skills, these skills enable children to be productive, contributing citizens and agents of change throughout their lives. Working to ensure the systems, structures, policies and practices (at local, national, regional and global levels) support, and protect the well-being of children, especially the most vulnerable.

NGO for Education in Bangalore – AKSHARA ORGANIZATION

Imagine Travelling around the world, watching children sitting on the sidewalk while all the other kids going to school. Why? Is it their race, their gender, their religion? When your children are having a fun time at school with their teachers and friends, some other children in poor parts of the world are just sitting in their home which is probably made of straw doing nothing. Or they could possibly be working as slaves for people like you. That’s why every child should have the right to a good education. It doesn’t matter what color they are or if they follow a different religion, they don’t have the right to be working as slaves or something like that during the day. Experts say that around seventy million children don’t have an education


We believe that with the right education and support, one child has the potential to lift an entire family out of poverty and that a generation of educated children has the power to change a whole society. Through intensive, long-term investments in children, AKSHARA ORGANIZATION is helping students build the skills, confidence and integrity they need to become the progressive spokespeople and leaders of change in their communities.

We learnt early on that transforming the lives of impoverished children through education isn’t as simple as opening free schools. We needed to do more – we needed to address the issues and dysfunction that kept the children away from the classroom. It’s only by addressing these barriers to education that we could achieve our goals of taking impoverished children and giving them a better, dignified life.

Through interconnected programs NGO for Education in Bangalore, works with families to build plans for escaping debt, educating their children and developing job skills for parents and older children.  NGO for Education in Bangalore works at the grassroots, community level to develop integrated yet simple solutions to the complex issues of poverty.

The NGO for Education in Bangalore is working for the holistic development of needy and vulnerable children focused on promotion and facilitation of Child education. Akshara Foundation NGO for Education in Bangalore has called for networking of organizations that sponsor the education of vulnerable children and orphans to prevent them being stranded when funds run out.

Charitable Trust in Bangalore: Helping Hands for you

It happens every year. As the holidays approach, you feel the urge to support a cause you care about—the environment, say, or education, or animals. But which Charitable Trust in Bangalore working toward those causes are not just good, but great? And, assuming you want to keep your giving close to home, which of those top Charitable Trust is based right here in the Bangalore area?

Charitable Trust in Bangalore

Effective education prepares all young people for the challenges of the future as engaged citizens and productive workers with enriched lives.

To enable all students to develop their talents and potential, we must strengthen the preparation and continuous development of highly skilled and knowledgeable educators. We must develop systems and a school that continuously examine and collectively work to improve teaching and learning that supports all students’ readiness to succeed in post-secondary education, work, and life. Additionally, we need to leverage policies that are informed by research and knowledge about proven effective practice.

Akshara Foundation transforms lives around the Bangalore by improving schools and school systems. We work with Education Department and the Department of Women and Child Welfare of the Government of Karnataka or with clusters of schools to effect positive change and our specialist knowledge means we deliver – and design – effective, far-reaching and sustainable education solutions.

Our grants are not just checks, not just points on a map: –

Our grants are the line of life, connecting individual donors with individual women, men, children, and families’ nisusing for a better life. These connections stretch across history so that a visionary donor of yesterday is providing food, shelter or health care for a Bangalore today.

All over the world policymakers are taking action to increase school effectiveness as a catalyst for economic and human development. We all know every child deserves the right to the improved chances offered by a quality education.

At Charitable Trust in Bangalore, we have been helping policymakers keep their promises for almost 15 years. We understand that delivering reform is harder than it looks. We offer high impact solutions which break through system complexities to transform learning outcomes for every child.

Underprivileged Children Organizations Working in a Positive Direction


Basically, a privilege is a right or advantage that people enjoy, but, there are some people who lack to enjoy such rights and advantages because either they are unaware of it or don’t have enough sources to meet those delights. Such people are known as underprivileged or some use the term as a synonym of what we call “poor”. We have come across many privileged people who are concerned regarding the children who are living in poverty unaware of their rights. But, being concerned is not enough to help such group of people. Instead, if one really wants to contribute, they can get associated with Underprivileged Children Organizations to help those children with their right to physical, emotional, and social development which can turn into low-self-esteem, depression, poverty, malnutrition, etc. if not served at the right time. However, poverty is the major cause of such plights.

How can the lives be improved?

Identify the causes – The first step that the Underprivileged Children Organizations follow is to identify the real causes because then only it can be tried to eliminate them. Therefore, the causes can be rapidly rising population, underutilized resources, low agricultural productivity, low rate of economic development, unemployment, rising dearness, shortage of income resources, and socio-political factors.

Spreading awareness – Most of the underprivileged group of people is unaware of their rights that are served by the Government to them. Therefore, the NGOs and Social welfare organizations conduct various programs to introduce those rights to the unaware people.

Employment and productivity – These two are among the major factors that keep a person away from his rights. Hence, by introducing several opportunities to improve the employment and productivity can actually result in improved quality of life.

“Each one should teach one” – In India, we can easily observe the inequality among the different class of family. However, the difference can be bridged if each person decides to serve education to atleast one child who is underprivileged.

Loan facility – Several Underprivileged Children Organizations provide loan facility to the dropout students so that funds can never be the reason to hinder their education.

What do the Underprivileged children organizations are Actually Doing?

It is the most common saying that the children will bring the bright future for a country, but, how many of us do have the courage to look for the light in their lives. There are only few who are concerned with the future of these broods who are already loaded with the responsibility to lead the country’s future and such group of people jointly takes the initiative by forming Underprivileged children organizations that make people aware of the rights that will actually drive the bright future for both the children and country as well. Basically, underprivileged children are that group of people who stay unaware or untouched of the rights specifically constituted for them.


The Underprivileged children organizations encourage them to embrace the right to freedom and to attain their civil rights, basic healthcare and welfare, hygienic family environment, education, gender equality, leisure, and various cultural activities. Generally, the fundamental human rights are classified into four broad categories encompassing the entire civil, social, political, economic, and cultural rights constituted for each child.

However, there are many NGOs, community groups, and Government contributing in upbringing the awareness because underprivileged children lack required intake of essential nutrients, education, proper healthcare and sanitation, and so on. Illiteracy and poverty are two major factors for this cause. Moreover, there are many groups who are taking the initiative and taking a step forward to eliminate such concerns that are obstructing the economic growth not just of an individual but, also, of the country. Poverty and illiteracy go hand-in-hand and for most of the underprivileged people, education is a luxurious thing for them because they are forced to earn money to financially support their family rather than going to school and putting money for paying fees, buying the uniform, bags, books, and other stationery. Therefore, the underprivileged children organizations serve the delight of education and that too without asking them to pay the fee. They also conduct various program, campaigns, and seminars to encourage people towards the right of education and make them aware of their fundamental rights.

Charitable Trust in Bangalore Working for a Betterment of Society

The sole purpose of the charitable trust is designed to ameliorate, uplift, or benefit mankind morally, mentally, or physically. The major fields of concerns where the charitable trust in Bangalore is actively working are the advancement of religion, creating awareness for the gender equality and education, relieving poverty, improvising governmental policies and schemes, and enhancing moral values of mankind. They also look forward to preventing animal cruelty, revamping the village, fostering benevolence to animals, encouraging patriotism, and community well-being. Therefore, a charitable trust can set a long lasting legacy in the society where the generosity can stay in the mankind and they can stay encouraged to benefit others.

charitable trust in Bangalore

A trust can be formed with an objective of advancing education, relieving poverty, promoting public health and making people aware of the major social concerns, or it can be anything that benefits the society is regarded as charitable in law. However, Benevolent and philanthropic purposes will not be considered as charitable until they actually serve the sole and exclusive purpose of benefitting society or some specific class of it. Thus, the charitable trust in Bangalore works dedicatedly towards uplifting the society and eliminating the major concerns of it. Such trusts are partially or wholly exempted from almost entire tax schemes. Moreover, the trustees can decide to expand their charitable purpose beyond the sole purpose. For example, simultaneously working for encouraging gender equality and making the society aware of woman’s rights.

Hence, registered charitable trust in Bangalore enjoys the delights of tax relaxation than those which are not registered. Such tax relaxations can actually turn into impactful financial benefits because those saved funds can be utilized for other social causes. Moreover, such financial and income gains will also generate opportunities of exemption from income tax, corporation tax, and capital gains tax, so that the funds can be utilized for exclusively charitable purposes. Another benefit that comes in hand is that many other organizations, suppliers, and customers will prefer getting associated with the registered charitable trust.

Ngo for Education in Bangalore Empowering the Rights of a Girl Child

You will be shocked to know that even after more than 60 years of Independence, the country is still facing challenges with the gender equality and girl’s right to education. Not only in rural areas but, even in the urban areas (Yes, EVEN IN THE URBAN Areas), a girl child is not privileged with a right to education and are forced to indulge themselves in the household activities. Despite knowing the role and importance of the education, there are many families who don’t treat their daughter and son equally and also, don’t give equal rights. Thus, NGO for Education in Bangalore is taking a step ahead of undertaking the responsibility of empowering the girl’s right by organizing various awareness programs and campaigns to motivate and encourage people for gender equality.

NGO for Education in Bangalore

Education is a key to eliminating major concerns of the country such as poverty, gender inequality, crime, socio-religious barriers, and foster peace in the society. Even today, there are areas where the girls are married at their early age despite knowing the consequences of early marriage. They are treated as an expense in our social balance sheet, which is really a matter of shame for all of us because we all are a part of this society. However, over the last few years, some positive changes are witnessed in the society and the Government policies and various encouraging campaigns conducted by social activists and NGO for education in Bangalore should be credited for this positive change because they are putting every possible effort for eliminating the social and economic barriers through several educational programs and campaigns.

The NGO for education in Bangalore mentions the benefits of learning programs:

  • Elimination of various social evils like poverty, gender inequality, child labor, early marriages, etc.
  • Rise in economic and social development of the country
  • Improved upbringing of a child
  • Great financial stability of the families
  • Literate families. It is an English saying that “when a boy is educated, only he is educated. But, if a girl is educated, an entire family is educated”.